Information about RT-Techpriemka JSC

  • Full corporate name of the company is RT-Tekhpriemka Joint Stock Company.
  • Address: Russian Federation, 123557, the city of Moscow, 1 Electricheskiy Lane, building 12.
  • Director General — Shorin Vladlen Mausyrovich.
  • In accordance with the Presidential Decree as of July 10, 2008 No 1052, the sole shareholder of the Company is Rosteс State Corporation.

RT-Techpriemka JSC enters into the cluster of general engineering of Rosteс State Corporation with more than 75 years of successful work, takes a leading role in matters of material quality control and semi-finished products used in the manufacture of aviation, space, defense equipment and technology dual-use, carrying out its activities in 200 iron and steel, electrical, chemical industry enterprises in seven Federal districts of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Areas of activities:

  • Conformity assessment in the form of quality control and acceptance of materials and semi-finished products used in the manufacture of aviation, space, defense equipment and dual-use technology.
  • Control of technological manufacturing processes of materials and semi-finished products.
  • Control over the performance of industrial works at the enterprises for the production development of new products.
  • Control over the realization of events at the enterprises to improve the quality level of the supplied products.
  • Monitoring of the products’ quality of military, double and civil purposes by the output organizations of the Rosteс State Corporation.
  • Creation of corporate system of quality monitoring of the products manufactured in the Rosteс State Corporation.
  • Scientific and methodological assistance to the Rosteс State Corporation in the design, development and certification of the quality management systems operating in the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Development of corporate standards in the production of defense products (works, services) provided by the state defense order and management safety systems of aviation activities; The RT-Techpriemka JSC renders services in the area of material supplies, blanks, semi-finished products of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy of special steels and alloys, alloying materials of military, double and civil purposes for the needs of aviation industry as well.
  • Certification activities of Rosteс Sertifikat Certification Center.

As part of the cooperation agreement, SoyuzMash Rossii LLC and the Association of Mechanical Engineering, and Metalworking Industry of Austria (FMMI), the RT-Techpriemka JSC concluded a license agreement with the Austrian certification body in QualityAustriaGmbH Certification.

Based on the decision of the Corporation’s Board as of September 22, 2014, the Rosteс Voluntary Certification System was created as a basic body with the certified Rosteс -Sertifikat Center of Certification.

The Center of Monitoring and Quality Audit (CMQA), providing operation of the corporate information-analytical system of the products’ quality monitoring produced by the Rosteс State Corporation, has functioned also to conduct the established tasks by the decision of the Board of the Rosteс State Corporation in the Company’s structure of monitoring and quality audit since 2013.

The RT Techpriemka JSC includes: Central Technical Representation, Northwestern, Siberian, Ural Regional Technical representative offices and Yekaterinburg’s representative office. 45 technical acceptances operating on the industrial enterprises produce materials and semi-finished products.

In 2015 the Rosteс State Corporation created the Rosteс Sertifikat Certification Center on the basis of the RT Techpriemka JSC as the main certification body of the Rosteс Voluntary Certification System (Registration No РОСС RU.В1308.04ЖУБО as of December 30, 2014). Certification at the Rosteс VCS enables the organizations to demonstrate the compliance of the management systems to the national and international standards.